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The Pragmatic Rapture

May 26, 2011

Let me begin by saying that the intent of this article is not to find common and well-treaded paths of cliche’ regarding the named subject.  Bear with me for a little background, and hear my proposition.


There are a group of the faithful who insist that the “End of the World” is approaching quickly.  In some circles, it is proposed that this apocalypse is preceded by an event, “The Rapture”.  At the time of this event, those who have achieved a state of grace, will be rescued from the impending apocalypse, and brought to a place where they can live out their eternity in the presence of their God.

There are naturally strong opinions on both sides of this argument, and one could possibly  bring to question the maths that have set the dates.  In fact, even amongst many who are certain that the End is indeed near, there is no clear agreement as to when this all happens.   Common belief, though, is soon.  Like, October 21, 2011 soon.  Or December 21, 2012 soon.

Part of my point, is this:  Such claims are not really verifiable, and if there comes a time when they are verified, those people who remain  unsaved are then essentially screwed.  Sure, at least they can be spared the “See, I told you!” snipes, as anyone who can say that with a straight face has become Homo Emeritus .. they have retired now from the race that we humans run.  And our connection with them, just as their connection with the world, has been severed.

Post Rapture concerns:

Or has it?  Do we mourn the loss of our friends and family, if we are indeed one of those not chosen?

Maybe, it really depends on the individual…

But what is certain is that, in this scenario, there is now a large surplus of the material left on this earth (at least for the short time before it goes supernova, or all apocalypse-y).  This, though, presents some basic issues:

  1. The potential for mass chaos.  Sure, if the Rapture has indeed occurred, it can only then follow that the real nasty part is pending as well.  That is not the mass chaos that I refer to.   I refer to the poorly thought out mass looting that is almost certain to turn ugly.
  2. Ignorance.  No, not the ignorance of mass hysteria, or the like.  This ignorace is serious: these ad hoc looting parties don’t really have a clear idea of where everything is.

The Pragmatic Rapture:

It seems to me that all of this intermediary chaos (between the saved departing, and un-saved incinerating) could be planned for, and even, in some ways and places, avoided.  Moral arguments are probably not going to work.  Sure, not everyone will discard the moral compass, or shed their conscience, but many will.  I posit that a more pragmatic solution would be to provide tools to assist with the transfer of these goods from the “no longer with us, and no longer in need of them” to the poor, unfortunate souls that didn’t make the cut.

I say tools (in plural), because The Pragmatic Rapture platform needs to provide tools to the saved, early enough for it to count, and then tools to the “soon to be incinerated”, to make use of the data gathered.  The two phase outline below should help:

  • Phase I:
  • Phase II:

Phase I: “”

This is more than likely the actual bulk of where early (I mean: this week) development needs to be done.  There may not be time for more than a casual beta testing, if the October 21, 2011 number is accurate.  I’m open on implementation.  The essential requirements of this system are that the users (in this case, the saved), get a place to  go on record with their spiritual beliefs.  They get to demonstrate their faith, in a real, and potentially very selfless way.  Registered users of  morg-dot-org will be provided with a web space.  They can impart wisdom, they can impart pleas to the still unsaved…  And they also get to inventory their house, and mark it on the map.  Concerns may arise that pre-Rapture looting could abound, and I think, to be fair, the Nighspace page they get will not show the contents of their house, their registered belongings, or even its location.  And, Phase II can be held off until the spaceship has departed.   Not development, but bringing the site live, for sure…

Phase II: “”

I am sure, by now, that what comes next is not a surprise.  The Beastlist.  This is a catchy (and, up for negotiation) name for the service that fires up post-Rapture.  A search engine of wordly possessions, bequeathed in Phase I, tied to mapping software.  A veritable “Craigslist” of the apocalypse.  Users of this site, with a friendly search application, will be able to determine the nearest location of  the things (Lexuses, or Lexi, if you would, Blu-Ray players, Compact Disc collections {although this is likely to be gospel and country heavy, but, to each their own}, Big Screen HDTVs…you name it!) that will make the absence of God in their world a little more palatable.  They can receive the last worldy gift of the saved, and live in considerably more comfort than before.  (Well, at least until Sizzle Sizzle day.)

Conclusion: I think this is a real, and very feasible solution, to a real, and very possible problem (I prefer ‘opportunity’) that the post-Rapture world presents to the damned.

Any thoughts?

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