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Keurig: A tale of excellent service

November 15, 2011


This is a bit of a departure from what I normally blog about.  Almost a year ago, I purchased a Keurig machine for a variety of purposes.

  • Quick coffee for guests
  • Guest choice for coffee
  • After breaking approximately 20 carafes in my lifetime thus far, I had settled into what I call ghetto coffee maker mode.  This involves boiling water in a teapot, using the drip container from one of the many defunct coffee makers of my past, and a large mason jar.
  • Easy water for brewing tea bags traditionally (steep method).

And here are some of the reasons why we had avoided the Keurig (or other single cup brew options):

  • Waste/plastic/environment  (still an issue, eco-confessionals are a regular thing now ;))
  • Expense (the coffee costs more as compared to traditional brewing.   I do drink less now, though, so perhaps that offsets in health expenses the actual per-cup cost.)

But we took the plunge, and for 8 months, all was beautiful.  Then, it would stop in the middle of heating water, requiring an unplug and a 10+ minute timeout before it could heat the water again.  Tried cleaning it, to no avail.  And then, about 2 months ago, it just stopped turning on.

Not usually a details man, this one kind of waited until Veterans day for me to contend with.  Calling up the company, and seeing what they could do for me.

The rest of the story is quite simple:

November 11th, 2011:

Called Keurig, told them my woes, gave them my serial number, and was told that they would be sending a replacement (awesome.)  Given the following pieces of information on the phone:

  • Took up to 2 business days to process the replacement
  • Would take up to 7 additional business days to arrive.

Hey… considering that the receipt was gone, and that they were doing basically the right thing — who could complain, right?

November 12th, 2011:

Doorbell rings a little before noon.  FedEx home delivery hands me a box.  Inside box is my new Keurig machine.


This was just simply awesome.  I think often times we share the ugly, and forget to share the great experiences that we have with a company or organization.  I am very pleased, and very caffeinated, yet again.


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