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Mindless scribblings on a schooldesk

January 30, 2016

So, back when I was young (end of high school, early college) I wrote (actually on paper ;)) .  I wrote short stories, and a few plays (one or two of each actually in lieu of papers for my classes).  I wrote letters.  And, for a while, I wrote poetry.  Prolifically.

So, I have created a new category, entitled, “A young man’s musings”..and this is the first entry I will share. (eventually, if you all are nice, I might share the epic play “A world I uttered…”  ..  but not tonight.  Also, I leave it to the reader to decide if this topic indeed belongs as a sub-category of Literature, or not..)

I wrote this my Senior Year of high school , 8th period English class, while I was trying to avoid learning the proper way to write college papers…  go figure:

Mindless Scribblings on a Schooldesk

Shattered fragments of glowing dark,

Interwoven in the fabric of Time.

Twisted threads,

of both Right and Wrong

merge in coupled scatterings.

Silent cries for what we already possess

The chilling warmth of love

Shadows – born from sunlight.

Truth exists solely as a lie.

We reap what must be sewn.

Seeds of Life released at Death.

Spring nests in Winter’s battleground.

The  bless’ed rain-

-the curs’ed flood

Oh! The setting sun …

Only now –

Only now I see the brightened beauty

When thick night’s cold seers my soul.

“Help me!” I cry

Pushing them away…

Amorphous shapes

Chaotic Order

Deteriorating growth

Flailing at nothing

Blind to Truth

‘Why?’ – I ask

Pleading for no answer

It pulls me closer – only to push away

We see the Truth – yet mutter lies

Confined to earth – it needs to fly.

The larger it grows – the more it is hollow

The River it flows – but only to follow.

Screaming on the Silent Stage

Grasping Youth only with Age.

Feeling alone in a crowded place

Silencing people who’ve much to say

Light and dark enveloped –

Lost in shades of grey.

A list of rules for Anarchy

Shepherds now led by their flocks.

Ideas stifled by Apathy

Life exists as Paradox …

mindless scribblings on a schooldesk?

hypocrisy                        mediocrity

Drunken Thirst

Complete in Emptiness

To use is to let be

              To keep is to let go…

Copyright 1991, David Scott Williams

Been meaning to share that somewhere for awhile.

I wrote that in 1991.   In some ways, some of it seems forced, and some of it seems to make more sense 25 years later.  Holy shit!  25 years.

Repeat after me, Dave… “I am not old.  I am not old.  I am simply the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything

There, I feel better.


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