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This weblog

A couple of things about this weblog.

  • Currently, there is one contributor from the perspective of new blog posts.
  • In the beginning of this weblog, suffering from a perfectionist induced blogger’s block, I often would wait to author various posts.  This has led to periods of time between posts sometimes exceeding a month.
  • Recently, I have begun “seeking out” topics rather than letting them hit me suddenly and demand thoughtful blogging.  As a result of this new found approach, I hope to update the site more frequently.  Although I expect that it will still remain primarily a blog about various socio-technological issues, other topics are sure to find their way into the mix.
  • I sincerely welcome  your opinions in response to my thoughts.  As it is unlikely that I know everything, or am always correct, I value the chance to adjust and correct some of my observations and ideas…  I only hope that open candor and discussion can meet decorum and politeness.
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